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Palmer thinking about his knee, still.

In a PFT post, they said about Carson Palmer:


As it turns out, ESPN's NFL Matchup isn't only about breaking down film. It's also breaking some news.

On this weekend's edition, the show featuring Sal Paolantonio, Ron Jaworski, and Merril Hoge contains a surprising revelation.

Film study of last week's game between the Bengals and the Falcons indicate that Cincinnati quarterback Carson Palmer was instinctively lifting his left foot off of the ground in order to protect his left knee from contact.

And, as Paolantonio candidly observed after Jaws broke down the tape, "It is obvious guys are diving for Carson Palmer's knees. Memo to Park Avenue. The head of officiating, Mike Pereira, needs to look at that tape."

Jaworski then suggested that it has been a common phenomenon this year in every Bengals game: "It's been pretty consistent, you know, when you watch Carson Palmer. I've looked at all the tapes and people are going down low at Carson Palmer."

Even Geoff Hobson said:
Palmer, just 10 months removed from reconstructive left knee surgery, admitted that his mechanics are off. After the game, he didn't quibble with the theory of ESPN's Ron Jaworski that it looks like he's lifting up his front leg to protect the knee from defenders and not following through and therefore is losing his accuracy.

It's definitely on his mind. "There's been a couple of times I haven't stepped all the way into a throw. Looking back last week, if I do step into a couple of throws when that happens I might mess up my knee again. It's something I need to continue to work on and do a better job mechanically."

So what happens now? The team is one breakdown from losing the season now. Palmer isn't fully healed and the rest of his team-mates are publicly complaining. Should we think about shutting down Palmer and preparing for the 2007 season? Or scratch and claw our way into the post-season?
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