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More on team's frustration

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It seems the media is highlighting the frustration inside the Cincinnati Bengals locker-room. The Two Angry Guys (well, Richard Skinner really), thinks that this is happening because head coach Marvin Lewis has allowed it to "permeate".

The AP says, "The Cincinnati Bengals seem to be falling apart."

Peter King says, "The Bengals just aren't the 2005 Bengals. In the Cincinnati pantheon of quarterbacks, Carson Palmer looks a lot more like Turk Schonert in his prime than the 2005 Carson Palmer."

Charles Robinson says in his weekly rankings: "It's no bump in the road; this team is sinking fast. Wide receiver Chad Johnson had a mini-meltdown after catching only four balls against Baltimore. And he's right. He should be a focal point of this offense, not a player who is opening up the offense for fellow wideouts Chris Henry and T.J. Houshmandzadeh."

Is this just the loser blues? Is there a fundamental problem in the locker-room versus some in the coaching staff?

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