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Decision soon for David Pollack

The David Pollack situation is really a sad story. His rookie season was filled with frustration early, but ended with tons of promise. He held out during training camp and struggled to adapt from defensive end to outside linebacker. He finally got to start regularly late in 2005 and really started to shine. He started training camp this season with a hamstring injury and slowly recovered. Then as the season just started into the second game, he breaks his neck and now it's 50/50 on whether he'll play another down.

Right now she (his wife, Lindsey) has her hands full taking care of her husband. She helps bathe Pollack, she washes his hair, and twice a day she cleans the halo's pin sites. It's painful for him because she's separating his skin from the screws, keeping it from scabbing over.

ESPN showed the process last week during NFL Countdown.

David Pollack and his family will find out if he'll play football ever again on December 13th.

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