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Are the Bengals more likely to beat themselves?

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You knew it was coming -- a reference of the Bengals being the NFL's version of the Portland Trailblazers. USA Today's Jon Saraceno is the first to use to the outdated reference. "The Bengals are among the league leaders in several categories, yes, including court docket appearances." I guess there's a certain level of expectation from us to the national media. After all, what they see is that Reggie McNeal went nuts to an off-duty cop -- even though most reports say "police" and that's it -- and several days later a drug charge was added. Fishy if you ask me.

But Saraceno is right about one thing. If the Bengals drop out of the playoff race, it'll be because of their antics off the field. I truly believe the Bengals are the second best football team in the NFL right now -- behind the San Diego Chargers, of course.

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