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My somewhat-funny-not-always-sports-related Top Five

1. Colts Defense. No one has ever sat in the middle of the room this season and thought to themselves, "you know what, that Colts defense can totally stop the run." Granted, you could've said the same about the Bengals defense up until a few weeks ago. But after giving up 375 yards rushing to the Jacksonville Jaguars, it has Rudi Johnson salivating Monday Night.
2. Jimmie Johnson. Since 2005, NASCAR's Jimmie Johnson has been in six wrecks. He was a little displaced in the mind following his 2005 Indy wreck. Other than that, he's had zero injuries. However, in a golf cart, he breaks his wrist. I'm not laughing. That'd be mean.
3. Peyton Manning.

(ESPN Page 2)
4. Ohio State Marion. The division 3 team that was recently beat 201-78 by Lincoln, lost to Georgetown College in Kentucky, 138-27. We're not saying you're out of the playoffs at that point, but...
5. Georgia Rep. Cynthia McKinney. She was voted out of the House this year and decided to introduce a bill to impeach Bush. Of course, her message got lost as she tried to convince fellow reps by punching them in the chest -- mostly Republicans.

Since we're sticking to the humorous side of things, Ryan Parker released his latest: Marvin's Reindeer.