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Will the Bengals go 11-5?

I didn't think at the time when I put up the poll -- "Yes or No. Will the Bengals make the playoffs?" -- that it would be such a homer-like prompt. Logically, in my mind, the poll was designed to get a feeling from you whether or not the Bengals will make the playoffs. After some reflection and star-gazing, I realized, "of course, they're going to the playoffs". It was my ESPN moment of the week. So I'm re-doing the poll question that will force you to hesitate (albeit, slightly) before responding. My question is, whether or not the Bengals will go undefeated to finish the season.

I was at a bar last night -- yes, I advertised, but I never tell people that I'm the writer -- and got into a discussion about the games coming up. I said I think they'll finish the season 11-5. There was skepticism and the belief is the Bengals will go to Denver and lose. Personally, I haven't seen anything from the Jay Cutler Broncos that makes me think they'll win another game. But the general belief is that the Bengals will lose one more but remain in the #5 Wild Card spot.

Update on the injury front.

As per Marvin Lewis' press conference, Levi Jones and Rich Braham are doubtful and Kelley Washington is out for Monday Night's game against the Colts. However, Lewis is hopeful both Braham and Jones return.

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