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Time Warner and Cablevision say no thanks to NFL Network

I think the NFL and some owners are pissed off. They have to be. They claim to have left over $400 million on the table during television negotiations so they could broadcast eight measly games on the NFL Network (by the way, there was a game Thursday night I heard). Anyway, the cable companies (most notably Time Warner and Cablevision) and the NFL Network remain at a stalemate. So, for whatever reason, Roger Goodell announces the NFL will be free for one week during the time two bowl games will be played.

1.) Why is the NFL Network hijacking two bowl games? Funny name for a station carrying college football games.
2.) Imagine right now if you're a Rutgers fan.

Time Warner and Cablevision are having none of it.

Second Cable Network Hesitates on Rutgers Offer [NY Times]