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UPDATE: Pollack's Career "in doubt"

The future for David Pollack, as he says, depended on whether or not he required surgery. If he did, then his career was "likely" over.

Linebacker David Pollack of the Cincinnati Bengals needs surgery on the cracked bone in his neck and his playing career is now in doubt, the National Football League team said on Thursday.

Pollack cracked the bone in a game against the Cleveland Browns on Sept 17 while he was making a tackle. He was placed in a halo brace that immobilized his neck after the game.

Doctors said at the time that if the bone healed without needing surgery, Pollack would be able to resume his NFL career. The news that he needs surgery likely means he will not be able to play football again.

The team announced the news of the surgery after Thursday's practice, but did not make any forecasts as to whether or not Pollack would be able to resume his football career at some point. The surgery is expected in the next few weeks.

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