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No Squirrel Dance for you!

Kelley Washington is done for 2006 -- and probably for good. Which saddens me because I'm going to miss the squirrel dance. For old time sakes, let's watch perhaps the greatest touchdown celebration... ever.

It was a good touch to have Chad Johnson interviewing with the mega-hot sideline reporter, Andera Kramer. The funny part is John Madden totally unsure on how to respond. I think he said something like, "that's a touchdown dance." Thanks, John.

As a result the Bengals claimed Skyler Green off waivers. Green was a 2006 fourth-round pick for the Dallas Cowboys. During his career at LSU, Green caught 104 passes for 1,006 yards and eight touchdowns.

During the draft, said of Green's strong points:

Green is an explosive receiver/returner who can consistently make big plays out in the open field. Once he gets the ball in his hands, he is a touchdown threat. He has very good hands and has shown the ability to consistently make the tough catch. He has shown the ability to catch the over-thrown pass on the tips of his fingers without having to break stride. He runs good routes and has a burst out of cuts to get separation consistently.

And his weak points?

No doubt Green's biggest weakness is his lack of size because most receivers under 5-10 fail in the NFL no matter how talented. He has been dinged up in college, so his ability to stay healthy in the NFL is a question. He has made bad decisions fielding punts inside the 10-yard line and bringing out kickoff returns seven/eight yards deep in the end zone.

Dave, a great Cowboys blogger, notes Green didn't impress anyone at wide receiver. In fact, the Cowboys "found out after training camp he probably would have to play somewhere else. They mainly wanted him for his return skills but those never materialized. In truth, he didn't get a whole lot of opportunity because he doesn't do anything else on special teams and he wasn't good enough to be a receiver, so he had a hard time making an active roster. They eventually tried to use him as a running back in practice, and Parcells said he was making some progress. His plan was to one day use him as a specialist, probably on screens, direct snaps or gadget plays. He got caught in our numbers crunch and we cut him and re-signed him a couple of times this season. This time you guys claimed him." says his strength is his ability to make plays. Which is interesting. Now the Bengals run few, if any, four-wide receiver formations. They typically run three-wide sets and like to keep Reggie Kelly in to add depth at pass protection. But if we add another explosive receiver, with our bunch, it could be one of those examples that a player is better from the character and talent around him. We'll see.

...and Dave, it's the Southwestern Ohio Corrections Facility -- there is Cleveland.

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