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The Week in Review...

If you're the fans of the Atlanta Falcons, how do you react? Do you go into a rage against head coach Jim Mora Jr. saying he'd leave Atlanta for the Washington Huskies if it became available? Do you wonder if there's issues between management and coaches regarding Michael Vick? Or do you wonder if this is an inside joke gone astray? Was Jim Mora Sr. hinting something to the press that Junior had expressed to him? I think the bigger question isn't what Mora said, it's what made him believe that saying this would benefit him.

From a local perspective, I don't think Marvin Lewis would ever say something like this. Lewis is too calculated when he speaks and is more secret than the NSA. Is Mora a clown? To Falcons fans, probably. But maybe pops was right; maybe Vick is a coach killer.

The man named Tank Johnson.

The Cincinnati Bengals have taken a beating this year for off-the-field issues. I was out with some people the other day, and there was a 15 minute Letterman-like monologue of your best Bengals jokes. Admittedly, some are funny. Like, if there's four Bengals sitting in a car, who's driving? The Deputy.

A SWAT team raided Johnson's Gurnee home Thursday and seized six guns -- including two assault rifles -- for which (Tank) Johnson, 25, allegedly does not have proper owner identification cards, resulting in six misdemeanor charges.

Also, an occupant of Johnson's residence, Willie B. Posey, was arrested and charged with felony possession of marijuana. In court Friday, Posey said he was Johnson's bodyguard and admitted to having a previous felony conviction for armed robbery. Posey disclosed he served about 2½ years in prison between 2001 and late 2003.

The next day, Posey was shot dead during a fight at a River North night club.

Troubled Chicago Bears nose tackle Tank Johnson was at a nightclub early Saturday morning when a man who called himself the player's bodyguard was shot to death, authorities said.

Moving on.

Chad Johnson will one day be in the Hall of Fame. If you take his career numbers, span it out over a 12-year career (the convenience of multiplying by two), then he'd finish his career with 912 receptions for 13,606 yards and 81 touchdowns. Those numbers would put Chad in Steve Largent company. However, if you compare Chad's current numbers to Lynn Swann's career numbers, then a case could be made that Chad is already in the Hall of Fame. Of course, the Hall of Fame is an institution rewarding people for their finger-prints on the game -- not statisical history. Even so, Chad has left his fingerprints on the game. You will find no one else that sends Pepto-Bismol to the opposing team's secondary days before the game.

  Seasons Rec. Yards TDs
Lynn Swann 9 336 5462 51
Chad Johnson 6 456 6803 41

Still moving on.

The NFL Network has that Christmas spirit. They are allowing us a full week into their world of analysis and college bowl games. But they won't let you see the NFL game that week, because, well, what's the point? They claim they left over $400 million on the table to broadcast eight games. Of course, they won't let you see that game during the free week because, well, they tipped their hand a little too far. The cable companies aren't taking the bait.

Onto David Pollack.

This week, David Pollack had his halo removed. However, he received news that he'd require surgery -- which points to an end to his NFL career. Now the team isn't saying anything (as we expect they would?).

The social services of Roger Goodell.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell called Mike Brown to offer assistance on the latest string of arrests. Lewis reacts to the arrests.

On the season.

I offered a forecast for the Bengals remaining schedule. I say we go 11-5. Some disagreed. But with the limited time left in the season, we're thinking AFC Wild Card. We even speculated on the Bengals losses. Week 15 playoff scenarios.

I wonder after Oakland.

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