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Quick Notes... what the hell was that?!

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Quick Notes.

  • Chris Henry. Is this guy worth the burden of his off-the-field antics for a bunch of dropped passes?
  • Landon Johnson looks a ton like Orlando Jones.
  • Andrew Whitworth. I like the guy, but if we activated Levi Jones, why not play him?
  • Fourth quarter, 11:22 left in the game, down by 14, fourth-and-ten, I would have gone for it rather than punted.
  • Before the game, I would have supported a rush first, pass second offense. Now, in hind-sight, this team can't control the game by rushing.
  • Willie Anderson. Hurt. Now you know this team is injury plagued.
  • Disappointed by ESPN to not discuss David Pollack and show him on the sidelines.
  • Results by the Colts drives:
    • Field Goal
    • Touchdown
    • Touchdown
    • DOWNS
    • Touchdown
    • Touchdown
    • Punt
    • Field Goal
    • Punt
  • Have you ever seen the Bengals secondary play so soft? Well, yes, we have.
  • The Bengals on third down -- pitiful (2/11).
  • Four fumbles by Carson Palmer. I know you're getting beat up but, HOLD ONTO THE BALL!
  • Bengals had 17 rush attempts to eight pass attempts in the first half. 10 Points.
  • Chris Henry. Cut him.