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Tuesday Morning Hangover...

Paul Daugherty:

At 8-6, the Bengals have lost the momentum of a four-game winning streak, and the notion their defense was a positive. Offense occasionally will get a team to the Super Bowl. See: St. Louis in '99. But defense wins more often than not. See: Pittsburgh last year, New England three times in four years, Tampa Bay, the Ravens in 2000.

Which means both of these teams likely are out of luck. The Colts look a little luckier today, though.

The Bengals are wondering. And they still haven't covered anyone over the middle.

Tom Archdeacon expresses the same sentiments on Chris Henry -- worthless.

On the flip side, there is the Bengals' Chris Henry, who repeatedly comes up small in the clutch. But then the second-year receiver couldn't be any further from Harrison's effort on the field or off.

Henry's off-field troubles — he's been arrested four times this year — are well documented. He's beginning to be just as much of a disappointment during games as well.


Willie Anderson left Monday with a "foot injury". It's uncertain if he'll return against Denver.
Chad Johnson left the game for two series' to get IVs. We hear about Chad's good work ethic, but wouldn't that include finding ways to prevent missing two series' to get IVs?

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