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Pro-Bowl Snubs..

The wisdom of John Clayton weighs in on Pro-Bowl snubs. Clayton believes Tom Brady should have gotten in over Carson Palmer.

Manning is the game's best quarterback and he showed that in beating the Bengals on Monday night. Rivers has led the Chargers to a 12-2 record. But Palmer over Brady? Let's see. The Patriots have a better record and they beat the Bengals 38-13 earlier in the season. Palmer's stats might be better, but Brady is a three-time Super Bowl champ who is on the verge of winning a division title.

This is what confuses me. Clayton's points about Palmer over Brady are that the Patriots beat the Bengals, have a better record than the Bengals and is a three-time Super Bowl champ on the "verge of winning a division title."

But then he makes a point that Warren Sapp's STATS are better than any defensive tackle and that's why he's snubbed. Then goes on to make a case that "Palmer's stats might be better", but the Patriots are doing better than the Bengals. Sapp's Raiders? Um, awful. So what is it John, stats or performance of team?

Pete Prisco begins that we should "quit calling them the Pro Bowl teams, and instead call them what they are: The Popularity Teams." Isn't that what all-star games are typically -- fans vote for their favorites? Prisco too believes Tom Brady got snubbed. Prisco, who believes he should be in the Pro-Bowl because of his popularity, explains that Brady doesn't have LaDainian Tomlinson and Antonio Gates on his team.

The only Bengals snub written was John Clayton saying:

8. Rudi Johnson, RB, Bengals: He ended up as the AFC's second alternate behind Fred Taylor (Jaguars). Still, Johnson is the fourth-leading rusher in the AFC with 1,133 yards on 298 carries. Remember, he did this behind an offensive line that was missing as many as three starters at certain points of the season.

The most interesting part is that everyone has a list of snubs, but those snubs are rarely common among everyone. Which means they have open-minded opinions.. just like those that voted for players in the Pro-Bowl.

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