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Thursday Morning Coffee...

After PFT wrote, behind the wisdom of a "reader" or "tipster", that Palmer had emerged from Monday's game with an injury. While that's partially true, supported by the Bengals, it was nothing close to a torn rotator cuff.

"I am authorized to say from our medical staff that any reports of a serious structural injury are unfounded," Bengals public relations director Jack Brennan said.

Champ vs. Chad

I think one of the most anticipated match-ups Sunday, will be Champ Bailey vs. Chad Johnson.

"I don't know how you explain it," Johnson said. "But there's people you have such a high level of respect for that talking isn't going to affect him anyway. He's going to come out and play the game he's got to play, and I'm going to play the game I've got to play."

While Chad still thinks he was lucky, the last time the two faced each other (week 7, 2004) Johnson had the upper-hand with seven receptions for 149 yards receiving -- including a 50-yard touchdown.

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