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Do we care why Chad is dehydrating?

I was listening to Richard Skinner this morning on the radio and there's this obsession to find out why Chad Johnson is constantly dehydrating. Skinner isn't buying Marvin Lewis' response after being questioned if the hydration problems is Johnson's diet (i.e. constantly eating McDonalds).

"The McDonald’s thing is a thing just to get you guys to think about it," Lewis said. "He goes to McDonald’s to get hotcakes. He likes pancakes. He goes and gets McDonald’s breakfast. Instead of getting pancakes here, he gets pancakes on his way here. It’s not a big deal."

Skinner isn't buying it and believes the organization is lying to the fans and media. As he says, all he wants is an answer -- which the head coach and strength and conditioning coach, Chip Morton provided.

But it appears to be a byproduct of simply the way he’s made and how he drives himself. Lewis partly joked Wednesday, "He’s just a guy that needs to hydrate. It’s part of him. It’s from talking too much. He hyperventilates himself, he dries out, and he needs an IV."

Chip Morton, the club’s strength and conditioning coach, says Johnson is a high-energy guy who is constantly working on the field and in the weight room and naturally loses a lot of fluid.

"The guy’s good with us in here and he’s always working," Morton said. "He’s always doing something."

Personally, I don't care what, why or how. Just resolve it and limit his absence from the field. Whether or not we know the truth is of no consequence. Just fix it.

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