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The Week in Review

So right about now, 90% of CJ readers are out doing some last minute shopping -- well, for guys it's termed, regularly scheduled shopping. Me? A few well placed gift certificates from the comfort of my computer usually solves that. I could literally wait until December 24th at 11:30 p.m. and finish everything then. I know, the perception is that there's little effort for the holiday spirit. Honestly, if someone handed me gift cards or money on a deposable credit card I wouldn't complain. Hell, I'd be happy to get what I need -- like XBox 360 games, guitar equipment, a jersey (or two) or add to the already large revenue spent with premium online services for statistical information regarding the Bengals. The point is, I don't mind gift cards. I'd much rather have that than a portable vacuum cleaner that runs off batteries.

First, injuries.

Geoff Hobson posted that Levi Jones not only has been practicing, but Marvin Lewis confirmed he'll play.

Gossip-rumormongering-incapable-of-having-credibilble-sources-making-things-up website falsely reported that Palmer suffered a major shoulder injury saying, and I'm quoting their site here, "possibly a torn rotator cuff". Then gossip website said, "we've never reported that Palmer has a torn rotator cuff". Well, when you say he "possibly" suffered a "torn rotator cuff", you bring that to everyone's attention. So in a way, yea, you did report it -- without confirmation. Then gossip website, after having their "report" from "tipster" proven wrong (again), goes on to criticize the credibility of injury reports and how organizations hide actual injuries -- which is very true.

Then there was the issue of Chad Johnson constantly requiring hydration. I asked, do we really care? Obviously not, because no one responded. So we move on.

The week's injury reports.

Bowling for Pros

Chad Johnson and Willie Anderson are starting in the 2006 Pro-Bowl. Palmer was named backup. It's well known that I think the Pro-Bowl is pretty useless. If you vote for the best, you expect to see the best play at their best. However, I also understand the threat of injury during an exhibition game isn't what you'd consider glorious. And more players would rather go home than play another football game after being worn down from a full season. With voting for all-stars, you also have your rounds of snubs. Clayton picked Rudi Johnson as one.

Thinking Denver

Mile High Report's, the Sports Guru and I, discussed Sunday's game. Denver also got 4,623 feet of snow this week creating, what could be, a distraction | Primer against Denver.

Remembering Indy

What an embarrassing showing the Bengals had against the Colts. But I believe there's a lot of truth that one team can just dominate the other, no matter how talented or well-coached they are. Indy has the Bengals number. Quick Notes | Tuesday Morning Hangover | I wonder | Linebackers, Carson Palmer and questionable timeout.

Drinking coffee

Thursday Morning
Friday Morning

Cleaning up.

An old friend returns to the radio.
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