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AFC Wild Card Updates

I want the Steelers to lose... badly. I want them to win like I want my left toe cut off. A little much? Maybe a little. There's nothing worse than having a Steelers team come to PBS with a goal and playoffs in mind. If the Steelers lose and the Bengals win, they would likely be out. So cross your fingers and hope they mourn that loss next Sunday.

During the early games, we're watching the AFC Wild Card teams. Pittsburgh and Baltimore (GameCenter). Buffalo and Tennessee (GameCenter). New England and Jacksonville (GameCenter). New York (Jets) and Miami (tomorrow night).

FINAL AFC WILD CARD UPDATE #17 (4:10): David Garrard fumbles the football on the final possession and the Pats have the ball and win. That satisfies one of two scenarios for the Bengals playoffs this weekend. The others are a win and a Jets loss tomorrow night. THEN Losman throws a pick and the BILLS LOSE. Both scenarios are, so far, being fulfilled. Is this destiny speaking to us?

AFC WILD CARD UPDATE #16 (4:04): Pittsburgh is done. Gone. Playoffs? PLAYOFFS?! However, the Jags are making it difficult for the Patriots and the Bengals. After being counted out, Garrard threw a 33-yard touchdown pass to Matt Jones. With only one timeout and only a few seconds before the two-minute warning, the Jags defense forced a three-and-out getting the ball back with 1:55 left in the game. The Titans also kicked a field goal to take the lead, 30-29 with about two minutes left.

AFC WILD CARD UPDATE #15 (3:52): Looks like two AFC Wild Card teams may have bit it for the season. The Ravens are beating Pittsburgh, 24-7. The Patriots' Maroney scored a 27-yard touchdown putting New England up 24-14. The Bills still lead the Titans by two (29-27)

AFC WILD CARD UPDATE #14 (3:45): Vince Young threw his second touchdown of the day bringing the Titans to within two points, 29-27. Big Ben threw a pick that initially resulted in a touchdown, but reviewed and overturned. The Ravens have the ball at the two-yard line. The Jags are struggling to get anything offensive moving.

AFC WILD CARD UPDATE #13 (3:35): The Bills widened their lead to nine after a 24-yard field goal by Lindell -- his fifth of the game. Willie Parker fumbled the ball within the five yard line giving the ball back to the Ravens and likely losing the game -- and any chance at the playoffs.

AFC WILD CARD UPDATE #12 (3:23): The Jags and Pats are headed to the fourth quarter. The Pats still lead 17-14 with possession. The Ravens and Steelers are also headed to the fourth with Baltimore leading 21-7. The Bills are moving the ball and are close to scoring again widening their six-point lead.

AFC WILD CARD UPDATE #11 (3:16): After Richard Seymour was called for roughing the passer that overturned an interception, Garrard threw a 41-yard pass to Wilford. Two Jones-Drew runs later and the Jags "claw" their way to a 17-14 deficit.

AFC WILD CARD UPDATE #10 (3:08): The Bills, after a 37-yard touchdown pass to Lee Evans, lead 26-20. The Pats offense is moving at will on the Jags using "dink and dunk" pass plays.

AFC WILD CARD UPDATE #9 (2:51): One of the required scenarios for the Bengals to earn a playoff berth this weekend, was that the Jags OR Bills lose, the Bengals win and the Jets lose. So far, the Jags, after giving up a 22-yard pass from Brady to Thomas, lead the Jags, 17-7.

AFC WILD CARD UPDATE #8 (2:48): Steve McNair, looked left and threw a rainbow to WR Williams. The 25-yard pass put the Ravens up 21-7. However, on that drive, McNair, calmly, threw an 18-yard pass on 3rd-and-13 to Todd Heap to keep the drive alive.

Ravens 14, Steelers 7 (McNair, 11/17, 134 yards, 2 TD)
Titans 20, Bills 19 (Young: 10/13 for 138 yards, TD, 44 yards rushing and rushing TD)
Patriots 10, Jags 7 (Jones-Drew, 10 rushes for 106 yards, TD)

AFC WILD CARD UPDATE #7 (2:25): The Patriots went ahead 10-7 after a 14-play, 82-yard drive that took 7:21 off the clock. After a Steve McNair pass was tipped and intercepted, the Steelers offense has fourth-and-goal at the one-yard line with :11 seconds left and... score a touchdown. Ravens still lead 14-7. Ryan Lindell kicked his third field goal of the first half to give the Bills a 16-13 lead.

AFC WILD CARD UPDATE #6 (2:05): The Bills on an eight-play, 44-yard drive, tied that game at 13 after a Ryan Lindell field goal. Dan Wilcox, tight end for the Ravens, caught a one-yard play-action touchdown pass to put Baltimore up 14-0 over the Steelers.

AFC WILD CARD UPDATE #5 (1:55): After Losman threw a pick, the Titans offense failed to convert a first down. Close enough to score a field goal, the Titans went up 13-10 after a 20-yarder from Bironas. Check out the Steelers offense -- five punts, three three-and-outs. Nice. Goooo Ravens.

AFC WILD CARD UPDATE #4 (1:51): Well, Big Ben still looks awful, but no change. The Titans tied the Bills at 10 after a 42-yard Rob Bironas field goal. Jones-Drew, on the first play after New England broke a scoreless tie with a 48-yard field goal, ran for 74 yards putting the Jags up 7-3.

AFC WILD CARD UPDATE #3 (1:37): Mark Clayton, with Troy Polamalu up on the line of scrimmage, just sprinted past the safety. Steve McNair threw a pass just in the reach of Clayton for 35 yards and a touchdown putting the Ravens up 7-0. Big Ben looks awful (I just had to throw that in there).

AFC WILD CARD UPDATE #2 (1:30): Everyone, and I mean everyone, doesn't think Vince Young is the type of quarterback that will put up fantasy numbers. However, most do agree that Young has done a tremendous job winning football games -- from behind. So far, Young has completed three passes (on three attempts) for 22, 16 and 22 yards. The last 22-yarder put the Titans up 7-3. J.P. Losman, not to be outdone, on the next drive, completed passes for 18, 22 and 13 yards setting up for a Willis McGahee one-yard touchdown run. Bills lead 10-7.

AFC WILD CARD UPDATE (1:17). The Jags have already punted and Big Ben is 1/4. Only Buffalo has scored among the AFC Wild Card teams and lead the Titans 3-0.