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Gameday: Bengals At Broncos

GAME: Cincinnati Bengals (8-6) @ Denver Broncos (8-6)
WHEN: Sunday, December 24th, 2006 at 4:15 Eastern
BROADCAST: CBS with Jim Nantz and Phil Simms. Sirius: 147 (Cincinnati), 130 (Denver)
SB NATION: Mile High Report

PERSONNEL: Special teams ace, Andre Frazier putting Ahmad Brooks on the active list. Also out is Skyler Green, John Busing and A.J. Nicholson. Andrew Whitworth is starting at left tackle, but it's been announced that Levi Jones will play. Johnathan Joseph is getting the start over Deltha O'Neal.

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7:34: The Bengals kick the on-side again. Well, somewhat. They kicked it about 20-30 yards deep right to Quincy Morgan. Denver kneels and the game is over. Can't convert a PAT to tie the game. Bengals lose 23-24.

7:30: BENGALS RECOVER THE ONSIDE. But then are called for off-sides on Ahmad Brooks and now we're rekicking.

7:30: The snap was good, but it just went through Larson's hands. Wow. Obviously we're going for an on-side kick. But for the life of me, after a 90-yard drive to potentially tie the game, we lose because of a punter that lets the ball go through his hands. Can't convert an extra point. Unreal.

7:27: On second down, Palmer drops back COMPLETES a 10-yard Touchdown pass to T.J!!!!!!! Then a botched snap and Kyle Larson drops the PAT. Unreal. Game over.

7:27: On first down, Palmer drops back and throws over the middle to T.J. who drops it. The pass was a little behind him.

7:26: After a 7-yard pick up by Kenny Watson on first, Palmer drops back on second and completes an eight-yard pass to Tony Stewart. Bengals call a timeout. They have a first-and-goal at the Denver nine-yard line with :50 seconds left in the game.

7:24: Fourth-and-nine, Palmer in shotgun completes an AWESOME 22 yard pass to T.J. HUGE!!!!

7:24: Third-and-nine at the Denver 46-yard line with two minutes left to go in the game. Palmer, drops back, steps up and the ball is deflected at the line of scrimmage.

7:21: On first down at the Denver 47, Rudi gets the hand off and picks up five. On second-and-five, Ian Gold knocks Rudi down about four yards in the backfield setting up a third-and-nine at the two minute warning.

7:20: On first down, Palmer on play-action rolls out right and steps out of bounds after a four yard gain. Second-and-six, Palmer, on play-action, completes the ball to T.J. for a 25-yard gain. On the following first down, Palmer drops back and throws deep left and the ball was a bit under-thrown. Nearly caught, but the defender (Paymah) batted the ball down. Second-and-ten, Palmer pitches left to Rudi for a 12-yard gain and another first down.

7:18: With two timeouts and 3:52 left in the game, the Bengals will need to go 90 yards to tie the game. Who'll step up?

7:16: On third-and-ten, Cutler drops back and completes a 6-yard pass to Marshall. Bengals take a timeout and will get the ball back with four minutes left in the game.

7:14: After a one-yard run by Tatum Bell, Javon Walker lost a yard and stepped out of bounds on an end-around. Thanks Javon for stopping the clock. We needed that. Broncos call a timeout with third-and-ten, 4:13 left at the Denver 42-yard line coming up.

7:13: After a Mike Bell three-yard run, a 5-yard false start on George Foster and a Mike Bell 7-yard run, Jay Cutler threw an incomplete pass. However, once again, the Bengals and Deltha O'Neal shoot themselves again with a defensive holding call. But that was a junk call. Ticky-tac. Junk.

7:06: It's fourth-and-nine, with 6:57 left in the game at the Cincinnati 31 yard line. Bengals punt.

7:04: On first-and-ten, Palmer looked and threw to his left to Chris Henry running deep. Awful pass. Incomplete. On second-and-ten, Rudi gets the pitch to the left and picks up a yard. On third-and-nine, Palmer drops back and then is forced to roll out right and Chris Henry makes a REMARKABLE DIVING catch for 14 yards. However, the pass was dropped and the Broncos saw that challenging the call. It'll be incomplete setting up a fourth-and-nine. So it wasn't so remarkable after all.

7:01: On first down, Palmer looked right then dropped off to Rudi Johnson for seven yards. Second-and-three, Palmer hands off to Rudi who picks up the three yards for a first down.

6:59: Bengals will have first-and-ten at the 20-yard line. I don't know if the Bengals have it though. We've been pretty sad in the second half (punt, three-and-out and fumble)

6:58: Huge, huge third down. It's third-and-9 at the Cincinnati 42 with just over nine minutes left in the game. Cutler drops back, over throws Javon Walker and the Broncos punt.

6:57: Wow, another pass interference. After Williams nearly picked off the second-down pass, Landon like a millisecond before the ball got there, was called for a pass interference. Questionable call.

6:54: On the following first down, Palmer handed off to Rudi picking up five yards. Second-and-five, Palmer drops back and throws right to Chad Johnson for 14 yards. On the following first down, Rudi Johnson fumbles the football on a hit by John Lynch. Unreal. Broncos have the ball at the Denver 36-yard line.

6:51: On first down, Palmer handed off to Rudi running to the right for about three yards. On second down, Rudi picked up six. On third-and-one, Palmer sneaked for the first down.

6:50: Nice field position given to the Bengals by Holt. Holt caught the ball at the nine yard line and returned it to the 46.

6:47: Third-and-six, Mike Bell gets the hand off and is dropped at the line of scrimmage. Thank god. Jason Elam comes in and kicks a 24-yard field goal putting the Broncos up 24-17.

6:47: On first down, Tatum Bell gets the handoff and runs right picking up ten yards. The Bengals can't stop the Broncos rush. At all. On the following first down, Mike Bell gets the handoff and is tackled at the seven yard line setting up a second-and-six. On second, Cutler drops back and over-throws Marshall for an incomplete. Cutler is now complaining for no roughing the passer penalty after K.K. blew him up.

6:43: Third-and-seven, from the Cincinnati 41 yard line. Cutler pitched left to Tatum Bell and picked up 20 yards. The third quarter is over and the Bengals are seriously on their heels.

6:42: On second-and-seven, Bell gets the handoff and is stuffed at the line of scrimmage. Big third-and-seven coming up...

6:42: On first down, Mike Bell took the handoff to the left picked up 12 yards. On the following first down, Mike Bell gets the hand off again and runs right picking up about three yards.

6:39: OK, there's 2:11 left in the third quarter, the Broncos lead 21-17 with the ball at Denver's 43-yard line. This will be a big possession for the Bengals defense and the Broncos offense.

6:37: Second-and-ten, Palmer drops to throw and throws right and Reggie Kelly tried to bring down the way-too-high pass for an incomplete. Now it's third-and-ten. Palmer drops back in shotgun, looks right and throws a deep pass to a WIDE OPEN Chad Johnson. Overthrown. Bengals punt.

6:36: On first down, Palmer drops back and dumps off to Reggie Kelly for a nice five-yard pick up. Bengals go back to high-tempo no-huddle offense, Palmer drops back and throws DEEP left to Chris Henry for a touchdown. Then BOOM. Palmer tried to snap the ball so fast, that the Bengals were called for an illegal shift.

6:30: Broncos, touchdown. Mike Bell got the handoff, started left and then cutback right. It was wide open. Broncos lead 21-17 on the 99-yard drive capped off with a two-yard Mike Bell touchdown run.

6:29: On third-and-11 at the Cincinnati 19, Cutler threw to Walker on a wide receiver screen to the right. The Broncos picked up 17 yards and a first down. Landon Johnson though, buried Walker into the ground. First and goal outside the two yard line, Mike Bell in the backfield. Cutler drops back and throws to Marshall on a stop route about two yards in the end-zone. Joseph threw his hand in just in time for the incomplete.

6:27: First-and-ten at the Cincinnati 18-yard line. Cutler hands off to Javon Walker on another end-around. Rashad Jeanty makes a play that forced Walker to go even further backwards. While he didn't make the tackle, Walker was forced to really work hard but was stopped by Williams for a one-yard loss. On second-and-11, Cutler, with the entire Bengals defense coming, threw a quick off-the-back-foot pass... incomplete.

6:26: Second-and-five at the Bengals 22-yard line, Mike Bell takes the hand off to the left picking up two yards. This is a huge third-and-three! Huge man. The Broncos are at the Cincinnati 21 yard line with 5:54 left in the third. Cutler in shotgun and threw a wild pass to the right. Incomplete. However, damn it, Johnathan Joseph was called for a pass interference. Broncos first down. Close call though...

6:22: On third-and-one, Cutler hands off to Javon Walker on an end-around -- five yards and a first down. On first down, Cutler faked left and rolled out right and threw a strike to Kircus for 18 yards. Good lord. Moving the ball at will, eh? Then on the following first down, Mike Bell got the hand off and picked up five yards to the right.

6:21: On second-and-ten, Mike Bell picked up nine yards setting up a third-and-one at the 50.

6:21: On first down, Cutler drops back with a century to throw, completes a 25-yard pass to Scheffler. On the following first down, Cutler on play-action, has a century to throw, tosses to Marshall who nearly caught the pass. Dexter Jackson, god bless him, deflects the pass for an incomplete.

6:18: The snow is coming down and sticking. The ref is holding onto the ball with a towel to keep it as dry as possible. On first down, Mike Bell got the handoff and hit a wall of defenders for a small gain. Second-and-nine, Bell, went right and then redirected left (by design, it would be a misdirection). Either way, Bell picked up 14 yards and a first down.

6:17: Ruling on the field stands. Hellz ya! One-yard line.

6:14: A beauty of a punt by Larson dropping the ball inside the five. Glenn Holt actually went into the end-zone, but re-established himself in the field of play and downed the ball at the one-yard line. The play is under review saying Holt had not come back. On replay, Holt had one foot down but nothing on the goal line. If the rule is that you have to have both feet down inside the field of play (i.e. not on the goalline) BEFORE establishing possession, then it'll get overturned.

6:12: It's fourth-and-seven, Palmer in shotgun drops back and... the whistle blows. Delay of Game. Note to Palmer, pay attention. I think he leads the league in delay of games. Maybe it was by design? Who knows. After the Broncos called a timeout, the Bengals went no-where and punt.

6:11: On third-and-seven, Palmer in shotgun, threw to Tony Stewart. Well, I think it was. There was no one around the pass. Bengals going for it on fourth.

6:10: On first down after the timeout, Palmer dropped back and held onto the ball a little long. He found Chad a little late and off his backfoot, threw to Chad Johnson for incomplete. On second-and-ten, Palmer hands off to Rudi Johnson and is tripped up after picking up three yards. Foxworth, the tackler, ripped off T.J.'s block and knocked Rudi's ankles together.

6:08: Just a side-note -- as a blogger, I freaking hate the high tempo no-huddle offense. It's when I do my best Chad Johnson impression and get serious finger, wrist and hand cramps. Don't worry, I got an IV (read: a big 32 ounce glass of Mountain Dew) at half-time.

6:07: The Bengals are running a very high tempo offense right now and the Broncos defense are sucking some serious wind. Broncos call a timeout.

6:07: On first down, Rudi gets the hand off and shrugs off an Ian Gold "sure" tackle and gets back to the line of scrimmage -- lost a yard. On second-and-11, Rudi runs to the left for a five yard gain setting up a third-and-six. Palmer drops back, looks and throws right to Chad Johnson for an 11-yard pick up and a first down.

6:05: It's third-and-two and Palmer hands off to Watson who easily picks up the first down with a seven-yard gain.

6:04: It's first-and-ten at the Bengals own 34-yard line. In a standard I-formation, Jeremi Johnson leads left and Rudi follows for a five yard gain. It was a "Blast" in Madden 2007 video game terms. On second-and-five, Rudi runs left again and picks up another three yards after a few mistackles in the back-field.

6:00: On a personal note, I've been sitting in the same position since 1 o'clock today watching as the Bengals slowly find themselves a win (their own destiny now) away from clinching a playoff berth. Needless to say, my back is hurting and my bum is numb. After this, I'm supposed to go to the family for some wrapping but the family is giving me hell because I thought it was tonight (not during the football game). So I told them, after I spoke to my peeps (you) after the game, I'd be over. I'll be getting some hell after this. So be appreciative. :-) (they just don't understand).

5:58: They (Bengals radio network) are saying the Bengals are lucky to be winning right now. Perhaps they are right. But the Broncos running game is pretty dormant right now (thank the Bengals defense) and Rudi Johnson has 81 yards rushing. I mean, some credit has to be given other than lucky.

Palmer: 13/23, 107 yards, TD, 2 INTs
Cutler: 8/13, 113 yards, 2 TDs, INT

Rudi: 16 rushes for 81 yards and a touchdown.
Tatum Bell: 8 rushes for 18 yards.

T.J.: 6 receptions for 36 yards.
Chris Henry: 3 receptions for 30 yards and a TD.
Chad Johnson: 1 reception for seven yards

Brandon Marshall: 3 receptions for 59 yards
Javon Walker: 2 receptions for 35 yards and a touchdown.


Peko: five tackles (3 assisted), 1.5 sacks and a forced fumble
Sam Adams: Sack and a few redirected runs.
Dexter Jackson: Interception and half-a-sack.

5:49: With two seconds left in the half, Cutler threw a short pass to Rod Smith running a crossing pattern. Pretty pointless timeout if you're not going to throw a hail mary. Half is over with the Bengals winning 17-14. Cincinnati will get the ball back after half-time.

5:46: With :37 seconds left in the half, on first down, Cutler threw a short pass to Mike Bell picking up 13 yards. Dexter Jackson was on the receiving end on the stiff-arm from hell. Then, with :26 left in the half, Cutler threw a 65-yard incomplete pass. Shesh. After another incomplete, the Broncos run a draw to Mike Bell for one-yard. Fourth-and-nine and everyone runs to the locker-room. Then the Broncos called a timeout with two seconds left in the half.

5:43: Chris Henry, wide right, ran a seam route to about five yards into the end-zone. He sat there for a second and then put his hand up. Henry then ran around Williams and caught the pass. Finally, doing something. Feel good Henry?

5:42: Second-and-goal at the Denver 11-yard line with :51 left in the half. Palmer, with empty backfield, drops back. Palmer keeps looking, looking, looking and then rolls out to the right. He unleashes the pass from god to Chris Henry for the 11-yard touchdown. Bengals lead 17-14.

5:39: It's first down, two minutes left at the Denver 19. Palmer drops back looks left and throws over the middle to T.J. picking up six yards. Second-and-four with 1:36 left, Rudi gets the pitch to the left and picks up another eight yards. It's first down at the Denver five-yard line. Palmer drops back and looks, looks, looks then starts running to the left and Ekuban sacks Palmer. Bengals call a timeout with :51 second left in the half.

5:36: On first down, Palmer drops back and throws deep to T.J. in the end-zone. T.J., running towards the right sideline about five yards deep in the end-zone, caught the ball but couldn't drag his back foot. Incomplete. Wow. Would have been awesome. On second-and-ten, Rudi runs right and picks up 11 yards and a first down. Two minute warning.

5:34: On first down, T.Bell ran left and FUMBLED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Robert Geathers tried to pick up the loose ball but missed. Peko knocked the ball loose and Deltha O'Neal recovered.

5:33: Wow, a 59-yard punt by Larson.

5:31: On first down at the Cincinnati 21-yard line, Palmer hands off to Rudi Johnson on a delay -- a one-yard pickup. On second-and-nine from the 22, Palmer drops back and dumps off to Rudi over the middle at the line of scrimmage. Rudi picked up four yards. Third-and-five. Palmer drops back and throws left to T.J. a full two-three yards from the first down marker. Bengals punt. Nice play by Foxworth to stick on T.J. and make the hit after the completion.

5:29: God, I hate Ratliff. After a shanked punt, the ball took a monster Broncos bounce. Ratliff picked up the ball and ran backwards then was tackled. He lost five yards on the play. God I hate Ratliff.

5:27: On first down, Jay Cutler fumbled the snap and recovered -- lost two yards on the play. On second-and-12, Cutler in shotgun, handed off to Bell who handed off to Marshall on a reverse. They picked up six yards on the play. Third-and-six, Cutler in shotgun, quickly hit Walker on the right. Walker scrambled around and Justin Smith dropped him. The exact same play I was just complaining about with T.J. and the Bengals on their final play of the previous possession.

5:23: On third-and-seven, Willie Anderson puts the Bengals back five yards with a false start. So, it's third-and-12. Palmer in shotgun, throws quickly to the left to T.J. on a wide receiver screen. Chris Henry was around T.J. and, again, makes a junk effort at blocking anyone. Unreal. This guy should be cut. Seriously. Awful. After the two-yard pick up on third down, Shayne Graham kicks a 46-yard field goal to shorten the Broncos lead, 14-10. Don't ask me why they're running a wide receiver screen on third-and-12.

5:20: On first down, Chris Henry burnt Bailey and Henry does his typical effort less attempt. Incomplete. That SHOULD HAVE BEEN a Touchdown. On second-and-ten, Rudi runs right and picks up three. Third-and-seven.

5:20: Third-and-five from the Denver 35, Palmer drops back, pumps it and rolls out right. He finds T.J. around the first down marker and the two hook-up for about a six yard pickup and a first down.

5:19: On first down, Palmer dropped back and threw to Chris Henry running about 11 yards then out. On the following first down, Palmer looked and threw left to T.J. for a four yard pickup. On second-and-six from the Denver 36, Palmer hands off to Rudi who only picks up a yard. Third-and-Five.

5:15: On first down, Palmer dropped back and threw to Reggie Kelly for a nice 18-yard pass. On the following first down, Chad Johnson was nailed at the line of scrimmage and Palmer anticipated CJ down the field. Incomplete. Second-and-ten, Rudi, on a draw, runs into Reggie Kelly, bounces off and picks up eight yards. Third-and-two. On I-formation, with three receivers and Tony Stewart at fullback, Palmer hands off Rudi and picks up the two yards for a first down. Run RUDI more. Seriously, this passing game is awful. Rudi is running well today.

5:12: Well, the biggest game of the year and what do we have? Palmer throwing two picks, fumbling a ball that Eric Steinbach recovered and a fumble by Chad Johnson the Broncos recover. Three turnovers lead to 14 Broncos points. Let's see, put the game in the hands of the guys that have lead us to many victories and in the biggest game of the year, they play like dog-crap. Nice.

5:11: Broncos touchdown. Cutler faked the hand off and rolled out to the right. He launches the pass deep to the right to Javon Walker in between Dexter Jackson and Johnathan Joseph. Broncos lead 14-7.

5:09: My good job award goes to kickoff returner, Glenn Holt. If the ball is kicked five-yards deep into the end-zone, do what everyone does -- bring it out to the 15. On first-and-ten, Palmer drops back and throws to T.J. in the slot running a seam route for 13 yards. On the following first down, Rudi Johnson is barely tripped up for a seven yard gain. If he's not tripped, he picks up much much more. Second-and-three, Palmer drops back and throws left to Chad Johnson who... fumbles the football.

5:06: T.Bell gets the handoff, gets redirected laterally by Bryan Robinson then dropped by Williams for "no-gain". Second-and-goal. WOW. What looked like a hole that Mike Bell could easily walk through, Sam Adams and Robert Geathers created a wall forcing Bell to go NOWHERE. Third-and-goal. Cutler drops back and rolls right and completes a one-yard touchdown to Scheffler. Nearly picked off by Jackson, but it went through his hands. Game tied at 7.

5:03: After review, the ruling stands. First-and-goal at the two-yard line. Then encroachment on Sam Adams. First-and-goal at the one-yard line.

5:00: Trick play. The ball was snapped directly to Rod Smith. Then he sprinted to the right and threw backwards to Jay Cutler. Cutler then threw deep to the left to Marshall. He caught the ball around the two-yard line. The play is being challenged by Marvin Lewis. The question is whether or not Marshall dragged his back foot.

4:56: On first down, T.Bell with Peko redirecting him, runs lateral to the line of scrimmage and picks up a "no-gain". Nada to yo momma. (that was dumb). It's starting to snow a little and the first quarter is over.

4:54: On first-and-ten from their own 36-yard line, Palmer play-action, pump faked to the left and threw an incomplete to the right to Rudi Johnson as he rolled out to that side. On second-and-ten, Rudi was tripped up at the line of scrimmage and only picked up one yard. On third-and-nine, Palmer drops back and throws left deep.. INTERCEPTED. Champ Bailey. Bailey just kept Chad Johnson boxed out and Palmer attempted the pass -- Bailey just had position the whole time. Palmer looks horrible today.

4:51: On third-and-ten, Cutler in shotgun, threw to Marshall on the run. The Bengals defense brought Kevin Kaesviharn forcing Cutler to throw way before a receiver was at the first down marker. Broncos punt.

4:50: Cutler drops back on second down. Bryan Robinson got through (unblocked) forcing Cutler to bring the ball down. He escaped and big Sam Adams finished him off. Third sack of the first quarter.

4:47: The Bengals are doing well rushing the ball. Denver is playing somewhat off anticipating the pass. As a result, Rudi has seven rushes for 38 yards and a touchdown. Onto the T.J. and Palmer fight. For some reason, T.J. started barking at Palmer and was being held back -- Palmer started barking back. That's when the Bengals called a timeout. Then after the timeout, Palmer, with T.J. walking by him, tapped him on the helmet. Heat man. Heat! Although, I'll admit, T.J. is getting somewhat annoying with his outrages during games. Control yourself.

4:46: Rudi Johnson, TOUCHDOWN. Pitch to the left with Levi Jones and Eric Steinbach leading with T.J. helping. Nice. Freaking nice. Bengals lead 7-0. Wasn't even close.

4:46: T.J. and Palmer fighting? Interesting.

4:45: Palmer, on first down, quick pass to Chad Johnson. The pass was out of control and incomplete. On second-down, Palmer threw to Chris Henry who was LIT UP by John Lynch. The crushing hit forced Henry to drop the ball at the one-yard line that was ruled incomplete. Now it's third-and-10 from the 18. In shotgun, Palmer shovel passed to Kenny Watson picking up about 12 yards and a first down. Thank GOD!

4:39: The Broncos punter, with tons of pressure, gets the punt tipped by Tony Stewart. Keiwan Ratliff returned the semi-blocked punt to the Broncos 18. C'mon. Let's do something with this awesome field position.

4:38: On first down, T.Bell got the hand off to the left and Sam Adams SPRINTED down the line of scrimmage and brought him down for only a two-yard pickup. Second-and-eight, Bell runs to the left and Peko owns his blocker. He runs down the line and drops Bell after only a one-yard pickup. Third-and-seven. Dexter Jackson blitzes off the left and DROPS Cutler for a sack at the one-yard line! Broncos punt.

4:36: Palmer and Culter stats are similar. Palmer: 1/4, eight yards and a pick. Culter: 1/4 for 14 yards and a pick.

4:34: The first completed pass was to Chris Henry with Champ Bailey covering. Then after a three yard run, Palmer drops back on second-and-seven and Lang forced the fumble. Andrew Whitworth: love ya bud, but time for Levi Jones. Then on third-and-21, Chad Johnson found an area about one-yard from a first down and just dropped the ball. Unreal.

4:30: Then on second-and-two, Rudi went for another eight yards. In recap, that's nine, seven, and eight yards. And he's got a ton of room to move. Then Rudi, on first-and-ten, went left and picked up about five yards and then John Lynch blew him up!!!!

4:29: I LOVE the Bengals centers. Once the opposing defender jumps off-sides, the Bengals always snap and Palmer always takes a knee. A cheap five yards... but a good five yards. Then on first-and-five, Rudi gets the handoff to the left and picks up nine yards. Then he gets stopped by Bobbie Williams. Again, Rudi on the following first down, picks up another eight yards.

4:27: Dave Lapham brought up the point about Palmer's shoulder. On his interception, the pass was way over T.J.'s head prompting the thought, "OK, maybe his shoulder is screwed up". The Broncos defense, on the first Bengals possession played tough. Jay Cutler, on the other hand, is playing like a rookie. Passes a little off, pressure causing him to tuck the ball, and decision making a little off. Of course, that's after two possessions so I could be way off. But so far, that's what we're seeing.

4:26: Third down and long, Cutler sits in shotgun with two wide to the left. Cutler quickly throws to the right to Walker. Well, not really "right to". More like, "way behind". Broncos punt.

4:24: SACK. Peko. On the play, Cutler looked left downfield but found nothing. About the time he tucked the ball, Peko made it through the line for the sack. Then on second down, T.Bell picked up four yards to the right.

4:23: After a two-yard pick up, Cutler attempted to Javon Walker. The pass was broken up by Williams. Third-and-eight, Cutler drops back throws left and completes a 14-yard pass to Marshall for a first down.

4:18: After an incomplete pass to Rudi Johnson in the right flats, Johnson gets the hand off to the left and is cut down by John Lynch about one-yard in the backfield. Third-and-goal at the six. Palmer drops back and throws left. The ball was way over T.J. Houshmandzadeh's head and is dropped right into D.Williams hands. Palmer, pick. Broncos ball.

4:17: On the 30-yard line, two wide receivers lined up left and Jay Cutler threw an INTERCEPTION to his left. Dexter Jackson sitting in his safety spot, cuts off the pass running laterally and returns it to the five-yard line. WOOT!

4:15: Wow, I was wrong about the previous post. AFTER the Jags AND Bills loss, the Bengals WILL be in the playoffs with a win!

4:00: So I hear today is a big game.