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Starting to think the Bengals perception is negative.

I'm starting to wonder if people outside the Bengals fanbase perceive the Bengals negatively -- something to do with DUIs, guns, drugs, golden mohawks and Willie Anderson's fatburger.

Take Jim Caple's year in review for example:

Jan. 8: The Cincinnati Bengals are forced to forfeit their first playoff game in a decade when the salary cap prevents them from covering bail.

July 19: The Cincinnati Bengals open training camp at their brand-new team headquarters, the River City Correctional Facility.

Oct. 17: The Department of Homeland Security raises the advisory level to orange when an Internet posting warns that the Cincinnati Bengals will show up at one of seven NFL stadiums during the weekend.

How about matching the Bengal for their arrests? Think Chris Henry and longest wrapsheet. And I totally forgot Frostee Rucker and A.J. Nicholson were on the team, so that slowed me down. It took me 22 seconds. Oh, that wacky ESPN. After they finish promoting athletes in trouble, their programs are the first to ask, "why all the attention?" on their 15 different cable and internet channels. Now I'm wondering if ESPN2 is going to push some of their late afternoon college football games to ESPNU because they have the broadcast rights to the NASCAR Busch (could be the Wal-Mart) Series. And we love big sports channels that aren't on the second biggest cable company in America.

But as Twisted Sister reminds us, this is the time of year for goodwill and forgiveness.