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NFL Update #2

Browns 7, Chiefs 7. Braylon Edwards makes a Randy Mossian catch in the end-zone, in double coverage, on third-and-14. Then Edwards proceeded to beat down Charlie Frye on the sidelines.

Jets 17, Packers 0. Chad Pennington, on the first Jets possession, goes 6/8 for 58 yards on an 11-play, 63-yard drive setting up Mike Nuuuuuuuuuuugent for a 24-yard field goal. The Packers offense is as dogmatic as it comes -- even with Brett Favre. Matt Kenseth wonders where is Mike Sherman these days?

Bears 0, Vikings 0. To start the game, Rex Grossman and Brad Johnson went 2/6 with each throwing an interception to defenders with no receiver in the same zip code. Bears fans see Tony Siragusa and chant GOOOOOSE replacing the G with a B when Grossman walked off the field. Is there quarterback controversy in Chicago? Windy City Gridiron has comments in their gameday post such as "ready to kill him" and " my patience for him is gone". Yea, Brian Griese does that to people.

Redskins 14, Falcons 0. That very special and most potential quarterback ever (read: flipper) is really making a difference. He's 1/4 for 6 yards. Making a difference isn't always a good thing.

49ers 0, Saints 0. Drew Brees completes only three of eight passes for 30 yards. Ma Brees maliciously smiles.

Chargers 10, Bills 0. LaDainian Tomlinson has 86 yards rushing on six carries. Takeo Spikes crying in his beer for leaving Cincinnati.

Colts 7, Titans 0. Peyton Manning and Marvin Harrison hooked up on a 68 yard touchdown pass -- their 100th of their career.