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NFL Update #1 - Bengals wild card implications

When you only see Macaroni and Cheese and Roman Noodles in my kitchen cabinet, you'd think I'd have the energy to go to the grocery. See, I have two dilemmas. Saturday was Championship weekend in college football -- no time there. Sunday is, well, Sunday. In all that madness, I also just bought Gears of War for the XBox 360. I haven't showered since Friday morning.

So what games do we get as proud Time Warner subscribers in Cincinnati? The Cleveland Browns host the Kansas City Chiefs. Normally I don't say such blasphemous things but for Cincinnati to catch the Chiefs, we need the Browns to win. Then on Fox, the Vikings play the Bears at Chicago. The only afternoon game on Fox is the Giants and Cowboys.

Games I'm paying attention to:

Chiefs vs. Browns -- Bengals wild card implications.
Jets vs. Packers -- Bengals wild card implications.
Broncos vs. Seahawks -- Bengals wild card implications.