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NFL Update #3

I've seen the Jessica Simpson DirectTV commercial a billion times. And each time I wonder who the hell else looks so un-natural with tanned skin. Maybe George Hamilton.

Jets 31, Packers 0. The Jets are moving the ball at will. So far, their possessions read field goal, touchdown, touchdown, touchdown and touchdown. Which means Brett Favre will throw at least five interceptions. Not two minutes after writing that, Favre throws his first pick. Going into half-time, Chad Pennington is 22/29 for 241 yards and two touchdowns.

Chiefs 14, Browns 14 . Tony Gonzalez takes a Trent Green pass over the defender with the ball inches from the defenders face mask. Pretty sweet catch. Charlie Frye is 11/13 for 122 yards and a touchdown.

Chicago 7, Vikings 3. Brian Urlacher called for roughing the passer that was VERY questionable. Defense in the NFL is going the way of Microsoft Dos 6.22.

Redskins 14, Falcons 10 . Mr. Potential, in his eighth season, is 4/9 for 82 yards and a touchdown.

Lions 10, Patriots 3. Kevin Jones, at the Pats two-yard line, fumbles. See, this is what happens to bad teams. Luckily the Pats look awful.

Cardinals 17, Rams 3. Matt Leinart is 9/11 for 88 yards and a touchdown. Is Leinart having the best individual success in the league for a rookie quarterback? Other than playing on a team that can't hold a lead (ala against the Bears), I think he's done well. Of course having two pro-bowl wide receivers and a pro-bowl running back helps... slightly.