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NFL update #4

Brad -- Stampede Blue (Colts) -- says Vince Young stinks. Jimmy -- Music City Miracles (Titans) -- says "his post is just stupid". However, Young has led the Titans to a 14-10 deficit while Manning has thrown two picks going into half-time. It's an interesting match-up really. You have Mr. Wonderlic who won a national title in college vs. the most prepared QB -- EVER -- that's known for "not winning the big one". You couldn't have a bigger disparity between quarterbacks. Well, that is after Carson Palmer vs. the NFL -- sure, blow me off as a homer. I dare ya.

Chiefs 21, Browns 14. This game is becoming mildly entertaining. After the Chiefs first possession in the second half (scored a TD), Frye and Green are a combined 24/29 for 199 yards and four touchdowns. Charlie Frye hurt his wrist and now a guy (Derek Anderson) that wore a size 17 shoe at ten years old is in.

Jets 31, Packers 3. Packers decide 31 point deficit is enough of a handicap -- begin major comeback. Then on the Jets first possession of the second half, Andre Dyson picks off Chad Pennington. Stay tuned to this one. Packers and Brett Favre will help out the Bengals and their wild card implications. I can feel it. I'm strong in the ways of the force (too much Star Wars on Cinemax).

BREAKING REPORT. Chargers 17, Bills 7 . LaDainian Tomlinson is now below 10 yards per carry. With 11 minutes left in the third quarter, the Bills have the ball down by ten points. Could the Bills be destined for another upset?

Saints 14, 49ers 3. In the first half, Hannibal Navies has more tackles than Alex Smith does completions.

Bears 7, Vikings 6. The Bears defense has allowed 23 points in their past three games -- including today. The Bengals defense has also given up 23 points in the their past three games. Which defense would you take? Yea, me too. I just love Tory James that much. Then with less than ten minutes left in the third quarter, Grossman has as many interceptions as completions. First play after the Vikings intercepted Grossman, Johnson throws to Dugan and the ball jumps off his chest and is picked. Grossman comes out onto the field and the crowd went nuts booing him.