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NFL Update #6

Cowboys 7, Giants 7. There are just times when you laugh at crazy things in the NFL. For example, Tony Romo throws an interception to Kiwanuka. An oxygen molecule or a 5 MPH gust of wind pushes the ball out of Kiwanuka's possession on the return and Cowboys get the ball back. Strahan blames Burress. A 26-yard pass interference later, the Cowboys tie the game.

Steelers 7, Bucs 0 . I think this is the NFL's game plan against the Steelers offense. Put 11 in the box and let Ben throw picks. So far, that strategy is a rousing success. However, Ben did throw a 2-yard touchdown pass.

Dolphins 7, Jaguars 3. Look at Joey Harrington's numbers with ten minutes left in the second quarter: 9/11 for 111 yards and a touchdown. Think Harrington is starting to "get it" like Hall of Fame quarterbacks say that happens after a few years in the league?

Chargers 24, Bills 21. Bills give valiant effort, but the LaDainian Tomlinson (28 carries, 178 yards rushing, two touchdowns) led Chargers beat the Bills 24-21.

Pats 28, Lions 21. The Lions were beating the Pats, 18-13 going into the fourth quarter .Then the Pats score 15 in the 4th to win.

Saints 34, 49ers 10. Deuce McAllister rushes for 136 yards, but wasn't the best back today from New Orleans. Reggie Bush scored four total touchdowns (three rushing, one receiving). His nine receptions for 131 yards was the best in the game finishing with 168 yards total.