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NFL Update #5 - Browns and Titans upset favorites

Chiefs 28, Browns 28 . When the Chiefs picked up their 28th point, the Browns defense figured they shouldn't cover Tony Gonzalez. I mean, what are the chances Trent Green throws to Gonzalez (eight catches, 99 yards, two touchdowns)? So Mr. Donkey (read previous post about Derek Anderson) comes into the game after Frye got hurt and completes 10 of 18 with two touchdowns.With 15 seconds left in the game, Simon Frazier (OHIO STATE BABY!), slaps the ball out of Green's hands giving the Browns the final possession to win -- again, with 15 seconds left in the game. So what do the Browns usually do when given a chance to win? They blow it -- Anderson throws a pick on the first pass. The NFL refs blow it though. With six seconds left in the game, Green in five-wide shotgun throws out to Tony Gonzalez who was out of bounds with one second left. No replay initiated by the booth. When the NFL says they want to get the calls right, I didn't realize they meant they'd be so horrible doing it. Then the Derek Anderson led Browns kick a field goal to win 31-28.

Jets 38, Packers 10. Packers had no chance.

Bears 23, Vikings 13 . I'll admit, I like Tony Siragusa on the sidelines as the third announcer. He shows you the success of basic NFL skills -- breaking blocks and slapping the football out of the ball carriers hands. But the best part is after Rex Grossman throws three interceptions, Fox goes to the commercial where Grossman is voting on his Sprint wireless phone for the Pro-Bowl. Brooks Bollinger has replaced Brad Johnson. Then the Bears score a safety -- second in the league today (other is below). Bears defense wins easily.

Titans 20, Colts 17 . Is Vince Young kicking some Manning brother ass or what? Not only did he lead the Titans to an incredible comeback over the Eli Manning Giants, but he's lead the Titans to a three point led with eight minutes left in the game over the Peyton Manning Colts. Not wanting to get beat by Mr. Wonderlic, Peyton takes the Colts nine plays for 83 yards tying the game at 17. Then the indestructible Vince Young leads the Titans down so Rob Bironas attempts AND MAKES a 60-yard FIELD GOAL. Game over, Titans pull the upset.

Cardinals 34, Rams 20 . Marcel Shipp's stat line: seven rushes for 21 yards and THREE TOUCHDOWNS. Nice day for James on the win.

Atlanta 24, Redskins 14. Flipper and the Falcons rush for 256 yards.