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NFL Update #7

Jaguars 17, Dolphins 7. Well, since I gave Joey Harrington props for "getting it" with ten minutes to go in the second quarter, he went 0-4 with two interceptions for the rest of the half. Sorry for the jinx, Joey.

Raiders 14, Texans 7 . When you have two teams playing each other with a combined 5-17 record, you're going to have some sloppy play. For example, the Raiders at one point in the second quarter were stuck with a 2nd-and-35. If that wasn't enough, Aaron Brooks was sacked two plays later making it 4th-and-43. I'm surprised this game wasn't canceled for humanitarian purposes.

Cowboys 10, Giants 7. Mar-teen Gramatica missed his first field goal and you know that Bill Parcells is boiling and Terrell Owens mouths, "told ya so".