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NFL Update #8

Cowboys 23, Giants 20 . True story. Troy Aikman, with about 10 minutes left in the fourth, was talking about the Giants offense and how penalties are killing their momentum. He ends that the penalties are causing the Giants offense to settle for too many field goals. They had only kicked one at that point. Then after the Giants tied the game at 20 with one minute left in the game, Tony Romo completed a 42-yard pass to Witten. A few plays later, Mar-teen Gramatica was given a 46-yard attempt to win the game. And he made it. Cowboys win.

Jaguars 24, Dolphins 10 . David Garrard, with an assist from Matt Jones, single-handedly beat down the Miami defense. The wild card race got a little tighter.

Texans 23, Raiders 14. The most irrelevant game of the year is sporting David Carr with 32 yards passing. I thought Rex would clearly have the worst QB performance of the day for a winning team -- but I was wrong. At least Carr didn't throw a zillion interceptions.

Steelers 20, Bucs 3 . You know, Jon Gruden is an offensive GENIUS! While still throwing for two touchdowns, Little Ben was less than efficient completing 12 of 25 passes for 198 yards. But a win is a win, right? To ensure not being shutout, Tampa Bay kicks a field goal with four seconds left in the game.