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McNeal does Chris Henry impression... again.

Perhaps Reggie McNeal figures if Chris Henry can't get into trouble, then how can he? Perhaps being apart of Odell Thurman's drunken driving charge wasn't eye opening enough. Perhaps McNeal had a Jack Bauer moment and needed to save a life... or the world. Who wants to bet that McNeal won't be on the 2007 roster?

A Cincinnati Bengals player was arrested early Sunday morning at a bar in Houston.

The player, rookie wide receiver Reggie McNeal, is charged with resisting arrest in an incident at the Red Door, a trendy club on the edge of downtown Houston.

Houston Police told FOX19 an off-duty officer was working security at the club, which had just closed, when McNeal tried to come in. Police say he smelled of alcohol and went into an obscenity-filled rant when he couldn't get in.

Police say the officer was trying to arrest McNeal when the player elbowed the officer in the chest. The officer then threw McNeal to the ground and arrested him.

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