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It's a cold media Monday morning..

Peter King doesn't think the Bengals will make the playoffs -- primarily because they still play the Colts and Broncos. I know what you're thinking, "Geez, I hate that 'tard." Don't, at least just yet. King went on to give the Bengals offensive line some love.

Andrew Whitworth, Eric Steinbach, Eric Ghiaciuc, Stacy Andrews, Willie Anderson, the starting offensive line, Cincinnati. For keeping quarterback Carson Palmer clean against the best pass-rush in football, Baltimore's ... and doing it with three backups (Whitworth, Ghiaciuc and Andrews). He was sacked twice, once for zero yards and once after he fell down going back to pass, on a gimme sack. In the first 35 minutes, as the Bengals built a 13-0 lead, the line committed two false starts and no other infractions. A heck of a job by an underrated group.

King, who often remarks about quality character -- or in Cincinnati's case, the lack of character in his mind -- makes a point to challenge Howie Long who said LaDainian Tomlinson's best feature is his character.

d. Howie, Howie, Howie: LaDainian Tomlinson's greatest quality is his character? We all know he's a swell guy. But there are 900 guys in the NFL we'd all say are strong character guys. Tomlinson's greatest quality is his ability to run and catch and throw better than any other running back in football.

Yet, if Chris Henry were putting up top-five numbers, something tells me that King would mention his character issue.

Moving on.

In other media making non-issues into major stories, Jay Glazier reports that Chad Johnson still owes Sean Payton $1,600 for ten tickets when the Bengals played in New Orleans. So let me get this straight. After major upsets this weekend and an AFC wild card race that went from nuts to Gears of War insane, Glazier writes about this? To make it appear worse, Bob Costas caught Chad off-guard when asking him about this during NBC's half-time show. Bob, doing his best to seem light-hearted and prompting Chad for some good humor, asked Ocho if he was going to pay Payton back. Chad says, "of course". Bob either expected a Michael Richards rant or just didn't hear him saying Chad "has gone quiet".

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