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Week 14 Playoff Scenarios

Did you know: Detroit and Oakland are officially eliminated from playoff contention. Who knew?

AFC North

Baltimore can clinch a playoff berth if the Ravens win and Cincinnati, New York (Jets) and Denver loses. Also, Baltimore clinched the strength of victory tie-breaker over the Jets.

AFC East

The New England Patriots can clinch the division title if they win and the Jets lose.

AFC South

The Indianapolis Colts can clinch their division with a win. If they lose, they still can clinch a playoff spot if the Jets, Bengals, Broncos and Chiefs lose.

AFC West

San Diego can clinch their division if they win and Kansas City either loses or ties. If San Diego ties, then they'll need a Chiefs loss to take the division.

NFC East

Dallas can clinch a playoff berth if the Cowboys win and the Eagles, Vikings, Rams, 49ers and Falcons all lose.

NFC North

Since Chicago already clinched the division, their next goal is a first week bye. The Bears can earn that if they win and Dallas and Seattle lose.

NFC South

New Orleans can clinch a playoff berth if they win and one of three scenarios take place.

  • Vikings, Panthers and the Eagles lose.
  • Vikings, Giants and the Falcons lose.
  • Vikings, Eagles and Falcons lose.

NFC West

Seattle can clinch their division if they win and San Francisco loses or if the Seahawks tie, the 49ers lose and St. Louis either loses or ties.