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The Real Story Why Warren Sapp Was Never Signed in Cincy.

The latest injury report states that Rich Braham is doubtful -- likely out -- and Eric Ghiaciuc is questionable. Neither practiced Wednesday. If neither can play Sunday, Ben Wilkerson -- the third string center -- will likely start unless they move Eric Steinbach to center and Stacy Andrews to left guard -- Bobbie Williams returns this week.

In stat related notes.

Satyanaas pointed out that we should start installing Special Team's related stats for the primers. Sometimes I think of Special Teams as a failure -- we got a field goal instead of a touchdown or we have to punt because we didn't get a first down. However, this team has done well covering some of the best return specialists in the league. So here goes Special Teams rankings.

Category   Bengals Raiders
Kickoff   64.2 (17th) 65.7 (6th)
  Returns Allowed 20.8 (6th) 29.8 (32nd)
  Return Yards 19.6 (31st) 25.1 (4th)
  Net Avg. 38.3 (6th) 36.7 (18th)
  Gross Avg. 44.0 (15th) 48.0 (2nd)
Punt Return   7.3 (27th) 6.2 (31st)
Field Goals FG Made 20 (t-5th) 13 (31st)
  Pct. 83.3% (t-12th) 68.4 (30th)

If I missed anything, let me know.

In other stat related notes.

  Category Stat (NFL ranking)
Carson Palmer Rating - 1st Half 103.1 (2nd)
  Rating - 2nd Half 95.2 (6th)
  Rating - 4th Q 108.3 (6th)
  % passes for 1st 38.6% (4th)
  Rating - 2 WR set 127.5 (1st)
  Rating - 3 WR set 96.0 (6th)

So, Warren Sapp.

Remember a few years back when the Bengals were in the running for Warren Sapp when he became a free agent? At the time, many believed that Sapp used the Bengals to get a sweet offer from another team. Apparently, as Warren Sapp is explaining, it was the Bengals that put a stop to any potential deal.

"They snatched the offer off the table," Sapp Wednesday, four days before he will take on the Bengals.

"They said they were bidding against themselves," Sapp said of the Bengals' offer in unrestricted free agency. "They gave me an hour to take the offer. I called back in 57 minutes and they took the offer off the table. They said they were bidding against themselves."

I'm not exactly sure what "bidding against themselves" means -- too much money and little demand? Count me as confused on that one. Since Sapp joined the Raiders, he's had career lows in sacks. But his tackle production has remained moderately stable.

Sapp: Bengals retracted '04 offer [Enquirer]