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The talk today surrounded the possibility of Willie Anderson joining the ranks of NFL legends. It’s a simple question: Is Willie Anderson a Hall of Famer?

Based on what I’ve seen for the past 10 years, I say yes. The problem with proving (disproving) offensive linemen is that there is nothing substantive from a numbers stand-point.  The only thing you really have to go on is local observations and the results of skill players.

For example, Corey Dillon as a Bengal, rushed for over 1,000 yards from 1997-2002. Combined, Dillon and Rudi Johnson rushed for 1,498 in 2003. Then Rudi goes on to break the single season rushing mark in 2004 (1,454) and 2005 (1,458).

Again, this isn’t an exact product of Willie Anderson’s results – just a constant. Dillon and Johnson are great backs in their own right and there are four other linemen.

Willie is a three-time all-star which begs the question: Are Pro-Bowl selections the only individual indicator of a career worthy of Hall of Fame entry for an offensive lineman? Most of his peers and opponents agree – he’s in.

Are there others?

If you were to put on your Ohioan Meteorologist cap (please, let us know when there’s a blizzard next time during rush hour), who would you say most likely becomes a Hall of Fame player on the current Bengals roster? Here’s my top-three from most likely to least likely.

1. Chad Johnson
2. Carson Palmer
3. Willie Anderson