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Thursday Night Ramblings

Will Ben Wilkerson be good enough to keep Carson Palmer off the ground?

I can't say that I've seen much of Ben Wilkerson against first team defenses. He had his struggles during the pre-season -- not against the first team defense -- but had moments where you clearly saw the potential he has. Last week, against Baltimore, the Ravens intensified their pressure up the middle when Wilkerson came in. And when the Ravens pressured up the middle, Palmer had to throw it early. We'll see what happens. If I had to express one concern if Wilkerson starts, it would be the pass rush up the middle.

Will David Pollack every play football again?

Next week we'll find out how well David Pollack's recovery is going. From the interviews he's given, it seems like it could be over for him. And why not? He had a tremendously successful college career. Another neck injury could make life really difficult on him and his family. His mind, justifiably so, hasn't been about football -- rather reflection and kicking some Halo-ass. Man, the potential this guy had and the "what could be" were endless. I'm not saying Pollack should leave football, rather I wouldn't blame him if he chose to.

Should Kenny Anderson be in the Hall of Fame?

Kenny Anderson Completion Yards TDs INTs
  59.3% (2654-4475) 32,838 yards 197 160
4-time pro-bowl, Super Bowl (0-1)
Rushing: 2,220 yards, 20 touchdowns.