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Another Bengal Arrested... (sigh)

Deltha O'Neal becomes the eighth man out.

AMELIA -- Bengals cornerback Deltha O'Neal was charged with driving while intoxicated early Saturday after being stopped at a traffic checkpoint.

The two-time Pro Bowl player had a blood-alcohol level of 0.10, above Ohio's legal limit of 0.08, the State Highway Patrol said. O'Neal was alone in his car and arrested at the scene, Sergeant Kevin Long said. O'Neal took a breath test and was released.

He is to appear in Clermont County Municipal Court on Dec. 12. The seven-year veteran is the eighth Bengals player arrested this year. Rookie receiver Reggie McNeal was charged with resisting arrest this week outside a Houston nightclub.

This was a day before Bill Simmons, jokingly, crossed his fingers hoping the team would reach 10 arrested before the season ends.

Now that we have that settled -- what about seven Bengals players getting arrested out of 53? That's 13 percent of the team! Imagine if 13 percent of your office or classroom had been arrested in the past few months? Can they get to 10 before the end of the season? You figure with holiday parties coming, that's good for one DUI. And the holidays bring visitors and family members, which usually brings trouble, so that's good for some sort of incident at a party or a club. So we only need one more wild-card arrest -- something harmless like speeding and attempting to evade an officer, or shoplifting a Christmas present of something -- and then we'll be at 10. Now that would be something. Ten Bengals arrested in one year? We'll be telling our grandkids about that one. Keep your fingers crossed.

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