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SBN Roundtable - Playoff Picture

The SBN Nation ran a round-table discussing the playoffs -- hosted at the Turf Show Times (Rams blog). Most of us agreed that the division leaders will win their respective divisions. It's the wild card spots that generate the most debate. Personally, I think the Jets will win one spot with the league's biggest fluff schedule. As if I'm not homer enough, I predicted the Bengals will pick up the second wild card spot simply because they have the momentum of the remaining AFC teams. Here's my playoff picture:


East New England Patriots
North Baltimore Ravens
South Indianapolis Colts
West San Diego Chargers
WC #1 New York Jets
WC #2 Cincinnati Bengals


East Dallas Cowboys
North Chicago Bears
South New Orleans Saints
West Seattle Seahawks
WC #1 Philadelphia Eagles
WC #2 Atlanta Falcons