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Greetings and Welcome

Let me introduce myself first.  My name is Josh Kirkendall and I'm addicted to football.  I'm first and foremost a Bengals fan with roots in Texas and Minnesota.

I first became a Bengals fan when I moved to the Cincinnati area in '88 watching the Bengals make the Super Bowl and lose a heartbreaking game to the likes of our long-time nemesis, the San Francisco 49ers.  I remember sitting in my living room, throwing a couch pillow the distance of the room, after John Taylor caught the famous slant pass that essentially ended the game.  

I hope to provide unbiased and alternative commentary from a fan's perspective; one that brings up issues within the organization, ranging from the front office to performance on the field.

I am very open to criticism and open-minded for the sake of my original passion; talking all things Bengals.  I'm not any bigger than anyone else and would like to promote a medium that helps others speak their mind.  Generally, I like to run mailbags for "big issue" topics and enjoy discussing, not ranting or criticizing the other, on issues that affect the team so your voice can be heard as well; whether you agree with me or not.

I'd like to thank the Sports Blog Nation family for welcoming me in to this endeavor. I would like to thank you, as well as encourage you, the reader, for coming here and reading what I have to say.  There's no bigger honor in the world than those that enjoy what you have to say and look to you to provide deeper insight in the complicated world of NFL football.  I hope to provide that for you.

Let's dig in.  This will be fun.