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FoxSports says Bengals pick Pope

Fox Sports released a mock draft last week that had Cincinnati picking up Lenard Pope in the first round.  

24. Cincinnati Bengals: LEONARD POPE, TE, Georgia - The 6-foot-8 Pope would solidify a mediocre situation at the tight end position and provide another receiving option with uncertainty at quarterback.

I've never been much of a draft guru, but Georgia games I was able to catch, Pope was one player that noticed immediately.  The guys at On the Clock draft provides the following analysis on Pope:

Leonard Pope is a huge target with great size for a tight end. He doesn't have great speed but he is still able to gain separation and make plays down the field. He averaged over 19 yards per reception as a sophomore and has a career average of over 16 yards per catch. He runs good routes, has big hands and doesn't drop many catchable balls. He has good concentration and does a good job of catching the ball with his hands away from his body. His height combined with his vertical leap allows him to go up and get the ball against just about anyone. Once he has the ball in his hands he does a good job of making defenders miss for such a big man. He also has the ability to break tackles or drag defenders if he has to in order to gain additional yardage. He is an average run blocker who needs to improve his technique but he has the size to become a very good run blocker in the NFL. Leonard Pope only has two years of starting experience under his belt. He has a good deal of upside and should be selected in bottom half of the first round in April.

The Bengals are in need of a tight end that can threaten the passing defense -- at least make them aware we have a tight end on the field.  As it is right now, linebackers and safeties can ignore the tight-end making underneath routes somewhat difficult.