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Backup QB, Arrington and Adams update, Chatman to replace Walter?

Most Bengals fans can attest to this one simple fact -- we're normally really quiet during free agency.  And while that's true in some respect this season, the exciting prospect of signing guys that will help this team improve on an 11-5 record -- and beating those dag on Steelers -- is off the wall (that's a good phase, like bad is good) for Cincinnatians. Quick note: thanks for the welcome from fellow AFC North SteelerFan.

- First the question of quarterback.

The Enquirer reports that Jamie Martin, Josh McCown,  and Jim Miller all in the running for backup quarterback. However, Martin left town yesterday without a deal.  Geoff Hobson at points out Gus Frerotte, Brian Griese, Aaron Brooks (recently let go) and Kerry Collins are out there with potentially Patrick Ramsey pending the Redskins plans.

Who would have thought that backup quarterback would be the biggest question mark with a defense that's in desperation for upgrades?

Then Sam Adam's agent, Angelo Wright, told the Cincinnati Enquirer that Sam Adams is "expected" to join the club once the team settles the backup quarterback question.  Very very very nice.

Former UC Bearcat, Antonio Chatman, was confirmed by "other sources" to have meet with the team.  This potential move is designed to eventually replace Kevin Walter -- who signed an offer sheet from the Texans that Cincinnati isn't expected to match.

- Finally an Arrington update.  The New York Daily News reports:

The Giants still don't have a weak-side linebacker, though, and there now seems to be little hope of them landing LaVar Arrington. A source familiar with his plans told The News that "LaVar is talking seriously with other teams and has no plans to revisit the Giants." It is believed that the Cincinnati Bengals have become the front-runner for his services, and he's expected to visit there in the coming days.