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Contradictions on Sam Adams

Mark Curnutte, beat writer for the Cincinnati Bengals, reported a few days ago that "once the Bengals sign a quarterback, free agent defensive tackle Sam Adams is expected to join the club, according to Adams' agent, Angelo Wright."

Then I went through ESPN's "NFL Rumor Central", which is nothing more than a glorified analysis of what local and national beat writers are saying, and it says the Browns, not the Bengals are "interested". Quote:

The Cleveland Browns reportedly have told Adams' agent they are waiting until after filling their need for a backup quarterback before turning their attention to bringing the veteran defensive tackle on board.

"They told me, 'Look, when we get a quarterback done, then we can get moving on that thing (signing Adams),' " agent Angelo Wright told the pa(p)er. "We won't visit. There won't be any need for that. Sam knows everybody there."

Adams, released by the Bills, played two seasons in Baltimore, where Browns GM Phil Savage worked before coming to Cleveland.

Adams also has visited Miami.

I can't believe both teams are employing the same strategy so someone, somewhere, is misrepresenting something, somehow.