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Still waiting to sign backup Quarterback

All indications earlier in the week were the Bengals would have their backup quarterback signed sometime this week.  We're still waiting.  And apparently the Bengals are waiting for to sign someone before they attack any more free agent additions. I'm sure it has something to do with the salary pool for linemen getting extensions and the uncertain future of Carson Palmer's rehab.

But what's the hold up? Jamie Martin seems all but removed from the candidates as Geoff Hobson reminds us the team and his agent have yet to open negotiations.  Martin, who is connected to Ken Zampese (current Bengals QB coach) from the St. Louis days, has been mentioned as a potential backup QB for awhile now and nothing has come of it.  So, in my honest assessment, he's out.

Brian Griese, who is scheduled to take a physical today (Friday), seems to be the leading candidate.  It's ironic we're giving a physical to a guy that last season tore his ACL and MCL because we're uncertain if our franchise quarterback will be recovered enough from his ACL and MCL injury to start the season.  Ironic indeed.

Tony Banks, Patrick Ramsey, Kerry Collins, and even Joey Harrington (same agent as Carson Palmer) are other potential candidates.  All of which don't impress me.  And honestly, we can't wait on other positional needs with a quarterback deal demanding all priority in negotiations -- the pace of free agency is blistering fast this season.

But we wait for our future backup quarterback.  Wait, wait, wait.  (Patience is a virtue I lost long ago in life)

A personal note: I'm a Buckeyes fan for life.  Having a Wolverine on the team is a tough nugget to take.  When the team drafted Chris Perry, I shed a little tear in my beer for about a week.  But it was a good pickup and I put my rivalry senses aside.  But another one?  I'm not sure if I'm man enough, but I'll put my rivalry senses aside -- again! -- knowing the bigger picture is better.