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Is Arrington playing the Bengals for more dough?

Cincinnati Enquirer beat writer, Mark Curnutte reports that "Former Redskins linebacker LaVar Arrington and former Ravens quarterback Anthony Wright are making free-agent visits today to Cincinnati."

I have no problem whatsoever if Arrington is signed by the Bengals.  I'm not exactly sure what that would indicate -- transition to 3-4 or maybe David Pollack going to defensive end -- but his talent is unquestionable.  It's the team player aspect people question.  It's being a role player rather than trying to take on everything at the risk of the defense as a whole. It's the cost of bringing in a high-priced guy and the ramifications of other positions suffering due to a lack of cash. It's these things that have people a little skeptical.  And who can blame them?

It was speculated after Seattle signed Julian Peterson to a huge contract that Arrington would want something similar -- obviously taking the Bengals out of the sign Arrington sweepstakes.

Do you think we should sign Arrington?