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A few items, nothing really new

Even though the Bengals re-signed Rashad Bauman Monday to a one-year deal, there's little on the Bengals front; mostly rumor, assumptions, and agents driving up a player's hype.  

We "assume" and know:

  • LaVar Arrington is still in contact with Marvin Lewis.  The sticking point, apparently, is the money. But other than agent, Carl Poston not really knowing the itinerary of his client, no one can confirm anything on the Arrington front.
  • The Bengals still haven't decided on a backup quarterback. Cincinnati Enquirer's Mark Curnutte reports the Bengals are only "mildly interested" in Joey Harrington.  I thought "mildly" was the attitude most the NFL had with Harrington.
  • Mike Brown, for the most part, since hiring Marvin Lewis, has been, publicly at least, the guy sitting in the back of the classroom not saying much.  That's changed this off-season.  First, Brown is noted for being only one of two owners to vote against the CBA -- his arguments are valid.  Second, Brown is visiting the stadium naming rights revenue.  Now he's standing up for the smaller market teams during the annual NFL meeting in regards to the new commissioner.
"Well, we do want him to remember us," the Bengals' president said, reflecting the sense of a growing gap between low-revenue and high-revenue clubs. "These days there is some risk that this may not be so.

"We're all part of this partnership, and we want to be included. And we will be very aware whoever it is knows that we think this is important."

Don't let the man bring us down Mikey!