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Random Thoughts

  • We all know that Lavar Arrington is still a free agent and we all know that the linebacker and head coach Marvin Lewis have been talking.  Whether or not that all changed with the Sam Adams signing is up in the air.  The point with Arrington, at least from my perspective, is it would ultimately move David Pollack to his natural position -- defensive end.  
  • John Clayton reported on SportsCenter that the Bengals are the front runner in the Joey Harrington sweepstakes.  He reports the Bengals could offer a one-year, $3 million deal as soon as Monday.  I guess I didn't understand what the team meant by finding a veteran quarterback that could start and help the team win.  Harrington is hardly the criteria the Bengals set out this off-season when it was all but certain Jon Kitna wouldn't be back.  But I can't rip the guy too much.  It seems the team didn't provide Harrington with the cast around him to succeed.  There's no doubt Detroit has talent, but from my perspective, it seemed they lacked chemistry and cohesiveness.
  • I don't know what's more frustrating than a computer problem I can't figure out -- and I'm a computer tech during the day!
  • Jeremy Green of ESPN analyzes the remaining "big name" free agents. On Lavar Arrington, Green says:
In Cincinnati head coach Marvin Lewis, Arrington has another ally who understands how to use him as a player. The Bengals have done little to upgrade a defense that ranked 28th last season. One of the biggest issues was the lackluster play of the front seven. Arrington would have an immediate impact against the run in a division filled with teams that thrive on running the football.

Just for informational reasons, the other big name free agents Green points out are Ty Law and Charles Woodson -- ironically both Michigan guys (ha!) remain unsigned. (yes, I bleed Scarlet)