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Two games of interest in '06

Due to a lack of time, I can't go into all the games -- will eventually. But I want to go into games against Pittsburgh and Indy.

Week 3 and 17 - @ Pittsburgh - While being the Super Bowl champs, I wouldn't be surprised if analysts pick the Steelers to slide - which seems universal unless you're in New England.  Further more, I wouldn't be surprised if this game turned into a bare knuckled brawl.  While no one on the team blames anyone in Pittsburgh for their eventual loss in the playoffs (Google Kimo and Carson Palmer), the "We-Dey" chants are still fresh in the mind.

Plus, there's no better feeling than beating the stinking pants off the Super Bowl champs inside your division.  There's payback and retribution on menu and will be served cold and spoiled.

Week 15 - @ Indy (Monday Night) - THIS is the game we look for.  This will be the game that we will emulate our Madden 2007 offenses after.  This is the only game where the total touchdowns scored, could outnumber the total points scored in all Bears or Ravens game... for the entire year.  It's not a knock on those two teams (OK, maybe a little), rather just an example of how powerful these offenses are.  

Furthermore, this being on Monday night (like the game should have been last year) will take the energy meter and bang it through the roof.

The interesting note however about this game is when it's played.  Week 15?  Anything could happen by then and both teams, for all we know, could be out of the playoffs.  Both teams could be in and choose to call off the dogs and make sure no one gets seriously hurt.  Who knows.

But if the game is anything like last season's, plus the added experience of our offense, this could be a game for the ages.

Note to BigBlueShoe: You're on.