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News and nuggets

Geoff Hobson of reports several nuggets.

  • Carson Palmer is throwing now and is "dropping back and throwing some long ones."
  • It seems that Lavar Arrington isn't on the "Bengals" radar.
  • Tony Stewart is close to signing a one-year deal.
  • Kenny Watson already signed a one-year deal.
The signing of Kenny Watson is a good one.  While not at the level of talent of Rudi Johnson and Chris Perry, Watson is a good special teams back and has contributed with good runs in the past.  

The signing of Tony Stewart, while not mind blowing, was a necessity.  A majority of his playing time is special teams, but with the exit of Matt Schobel, and the fear of losing quality special teams depth and talent, this became a necessity.

Lavar Arrington?  Get real dude.  

The Palmer news is great news.  With the cooling of the Bengals search for a backup quarterback - which seems to be between Jamie Martin and Joey Harrington - it seems the team is convinced Palmer will be back by training camp.