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More NFL network talk

The problem with the NFL Network is their limited reach.  A majority of people in the Cincinnati area don't get the option to watch the NFL network because Time Warner isn't broadcasting the channel. The problem is they're not updating anyone so no one knows what to expect.

So I fired off this e-mail to Time Warner:

My name is Josh Kirkendall and I write for several fan websites regarding sports in the general Cincinnati area.  Many of us are inquiring if there's a remote possibility Time Warner will in some shape or form broadcast the NFL Network.  Thanks for any updates you can provide.

Peter King, in a late January Edition of Monday Morning Quarterback observed this about the NFL Network:

9. I think the NFL Network really had no choice but to get some football of its own, which it did with the announcement (after Richard Sandomir of The New York Times broke the story on Saturday) that the Thursday-Saturday late-season package would be seen on the NFL's 24-hour channel. Trouble is, the channel isn't in enough homes right now, maybe 25 or 28 million.

The late-season games give the network a chance to go to cable systems and say: "You have to have us." And they'll get on, because no cable system will want the wrath of its subscribers who say: "We want the NFL!"

I'll update if I ever get a response from Time Warner.