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Chad Johnson signs another extension

I've heard from various groups (aka fans) a very demeaning attitude when it comes to Chad Johnson.  Basically, some will rip the guy because he supported Terrell Owens and that soup opera in Philly.  His agent is Drew Rosenhaus and contractual discussions have come up in the past in the media.

Needless to say, some fans ripped Chad mostly because of assumptions.  And you know what they say when you assume, right? reports Chad Johnson signed a contract extension through 2011.

The deal, according to Len Pasquarelli of, becomes six years with a total value of $35.5 million. Under his existing contract, Johnson would have earned $5.75 million in 2006-2007 and the base salaries due him through 2009 totaled $12.15 million. The new contract will pay Johnson $16 million between this season and 2007 and, assuming the Bengals exercise the option for 2011, a total of $35.5 million, wrote Pasquarelli.

I'm happy about this.  People on the outside looking in; really don't appreciate what Chad brought to this team.  His attitude, his face, his recognition; all contributed to the major turn around the team went through starting in 2003.

If you're on the outside looking in, keep in mind, the national media does a horrible job presenting Chad.  His interviews and antics on national television are play, they rarely show what or who Chad Johnson is or represents.

He's a good guy and it's a good thing he remains a Bengals, contractually, at least through 2011.