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There's one thing I've always lacked; a true understanding of the talent coming out of college football into the NFL.  Don't get me wrong, I love college football and follow it; sometimes, with more enthusiasm than the NFL. But with all the players that will get drafted, it's a bit overwhelming.  I bet I would do a better job reciting all 50 capitols in the United States before reciting what school half the players came from in the first round.

Draft gurus do their best to analyze talent, rank the players, and fit a team's need with the best available talent at that need (the position).  Other than Ohio State players and nationally recognized teams, I have no idea who some of these players are.  It's a lot to take in and I tend to follow the teams in college football without much focus on the individual player.

So rather than doing my own research -- simply put, I don't have time -- I rely on mock drafts from reputable sources to get a general understanding on who some of these players are.

For the most part, the sports media have the Bengals picking up Leonard Pope.  Other tight ends mentioned being picked up by the Bengals are Vernon Davis and Marcedes Lewis.  

I truly believe the tight end position, in the first round, is the route the Bengals should go.  I still believe the team will be more defensive minded on the over-all draft, but I can't see the team using their first pick on a defensive player especially after signing defensive free agents to decent contracts.  

Either way, the draft is close and the suspense is killing us all.

Who do you think the Bengals will pick first?