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What's the deal with Willie?

Apparently there's a clash for personalities between pro-bowl wide receiver Chad Johnson and pro-bowl right tackle Willie Anderson on Lance McAlister's Blog. You can view his entry here.

Bengal sources tell me.........Willie Anderson's comment stem from issues he has with Chad and how he carries himself. Their personalities tend to clash. Willie feels he's earned the right to be the team leader.....and he's bothered at times by some of the younger players following Chad's lead rather than he and Richie, the veterans......kind of a clash of "old school vs new school"
I'm also told it "irks" Willie that Chad has lobbied many times for a new deal.....while others have not received new deals.
Marvin is not please that Willie voiced his thoughts publicly......and he's told Willie as much.

Is Willie right showing displeasure regarding younger guys following someone like Chad Johnson and being "irked" by Chad asking for a new deal "many times"?

I can't blame him.

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