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Bengals start undrafted FA signing

Reports are the Bengals signed Ryan Hamby and Erik Meyer.

The Bengals only had to go around the corner to get that fifth tight end when reported they signed Ohio State's Ryan Hamby as a college free agent after the draft ended Sunday night. A NFL source also reported that Eastern Washington quarterback Erik Meyer, the Walter Payton Award winner, signed a similar deal and will probably be the only quarterback in the May 12-14 rookie minicamp.

Also Hobson, in a seperate piece, notes the speed the team drafted on day two, the teams sticking to a 4-3 with "multiple" 3-4 looks, and discusses the rising character concerns in the draft.

"A.J.'s off-the-field brush obviously is something that hasn't materialized with anything significant," Lewis said. "He made a bad choice and tried to beat the system and was called out on it. When the truth be known, it all went away. We had to see if there was anything else more to the smoke, and there wasn't, so we feel good about that."

Lewis indicated that Rucker has had no problems since he transferred.

"The coaches at USC told us everything we needed to know about that situation," he said. "This is something we address when the guys get here -- we let them know they are targets. Everything with regard to Frostee is on the straight and forward, and we feel comfortable with him."

Expect more undrafted FA signings soon.

They were in the process Sunday night of signing an estimated 16 college free agents, including their fifth quarterback to run the May 12-14 rookie minicamp.